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Echo's Answer

Please comment before adding me, thanks.

i'm syuhaidah, 23 and i'm located somewhere in southeast asia. sometimes i'm in africa, too.

televison: friday night lights, battlestar galactica, community, sons of anarchy, arrested development, fringe, modern family, veronica mars, gilmore girls, mad men, the walking dead, boardwalk empire, the good wife. i watch a lot of tv but i don't obsess over them all. okay. maybe just a little bit.

movies: silence of the lamb, the godfather, goodfellas, inception, gosford park, eastern promises, the crimson rivers, the departed, pride & prejudice, pan's labyrinth, mean girls, the holiday, inception, forrest gump

books/comics: harry potter, the shadow of the wind (carlos ruiz zafón), prep (curtis sittenfeld), angela's ashes (frank mccourt), the time traveler's wife (audrey niffeneger), les miserables (victor hugo), the kite runner (khaled hosseini), y : the last man (vertigo comics), runaways (marvel comics), watchmen (dc comics)

music: explosions in the sky, coldplay, florence + the machine, athlete, beach house, the radio dept., tchaikovsky, yann tiersan, damien rice, death cab for cutie, stars

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