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I felt it.


Natalie Portman blew me away. She was amazing! Okay so I've only seen Natalie Portman in Leon, Paris Je T'aime and bits of Garden State, so I never really gave her much thought (shut up I've never seen V for Vendetta), but she TOTALLY WOWED ME. Seriously.

Throughout the movie I kept being scared out of my wits by all her hallucinations. Her peering at herself in the bathtub. Whaaat. Her stabbing herself in the face. WHAAAAT. That was some scary shit, man. Even though I kinda hater her evil!self, I pitied her! Man. She lived with her overbearing mother, she was a virgin, and she clearly couldn't handle the pressure of being Swan Queen. Of course she was gonna crack.

I totally saw the ~twist~ coming, though. I mean, I even hoped it would happen. I would've hated the movie if it ended with her going to jail for killing Lily, so stabbing herself was pretty...poetic. I think. She killed it as the Black Swan though! I was literally blown away by her dancing the Black Swan.

Haha, at one point she was gonna fall, and I said out loud BITCH DON'T RUIN SWAN LAKE FOR ME, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I GET TO SEE IT! Lol of course I didn't say bitch but really, I've been obsessed with the Swan Lake for years now, I think it's really beautiful.

Vincent Cassel! I LOVE THAT GUY. I think I loved him ever since The Crimson Rivers. That movie was brilliant, but I gotta warn you guys it's really confusing.

Mila Kunis was so pretty though! And likable. I liked her.

Oh and the guy who plays Nina's dance partner? They are totally dating right now. True story.

Ah, I've been abandoning my LJ! You poor thing. I think I'm gonna do a Top 10 list this year, we'll see.

Merry Christmas my lovely friends!
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